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The Liberal out-reach team went to the Bayfest parade in Port Rowan as planned. This was a joint venture between the Provincial and Federal Liberal Associations as we did in the last parades.
We were placed as float number 5 –  (behind the float with the Norfolk Councillors –
Diane Finley and Toby B. were in front of Mayor Luke and the Councillors).
This placing can only be improved by us putting us in-front of Diane and Toby (working in it…).
Port Rowan received us with much waving and approval; quite a few were really enthusiastic.
Only very few disapproval or thumbs-down. This was very encouraging.
The weather was sun and clouds, the temperatures pleasant, the wind at times gusty and our umbrellas were taking light damage from the wind.
All in all a very good parade.
Thank you to Elsie and Barb M. for being there to decorate/un-decorate the float and drive/ride along.
By Dan Matten

Contestant to be the Provincial Liberal candidate

Port Rowan

Bayfest Parade


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