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Maybe ask Steve Paikin for Todd Smith’s recording

  • False Claim

Patrick Brown claimed: They proceeded with 1100 more contracts” and “keep signing new ones”

Fact: Wrong and wrong. First, Todd Smith, Patrick Brown’s very own PC energy critic, was on the Agenda with Steve Paikin on March 6th, 2017, admitting this was entirely inaccurate.

Here’s the exchange:

Steve Paikin: “But they’re not signing any new contracts. So the tweet says she signs the next round of bad energy contracts tomorrow is inaccurate, right?”

Todd Smith: “Yeah, Okay. I’ll say that’s inaccurate.”

Second, we suspended LRP 2 last fall.

(Source: http://tvo.org/video/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin/wynnes-power-play, http://www.ieso.ca/sector-participants/feed-in-tariff-program/overview)

(Source: https://news.ontario.ca/mei/en/2016/09/ontario-suspends-large-renewable-energy-procurement.html)

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