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The West Haldimand General Hospital in Hagersville has received $ 460,000 for the Ontario Government’s Hospital Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP).

The funds will be used to increase the energy efficiency of the building. $ 80,000 will be used to replace the Steam Piping and Traps and $ 80,000 will be used for Skylight Removal and Replacement.

The major portion of the grant will be used to implement upgrades to the HVAC Controls to the Third Floor Inpatient Rooms.  This particular project is not only increasing the energy efficiency but will increase the comfort of the patients as each rooms HVAC conditions can be controlled individually.

These three projects will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Hospital is a large consumer of energy. the received funds allow upgrading the buildings infrastructure and the money saved by using less energy can be used toward patient care and other up-grade and maintenance projects.

It is the Ontario Liberal Governments intention to reduce the province’s carbon foot print. The HEEP program is one of the various programs that will help to achieve this goal.


Dan Matten

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Haldimand-Norfolk

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