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Dan Matten and Hon. Kathryn McGarry
Dan Matten and Hon. Kathryn McGarry

Dan Matten and Hon. Kathryn McGarry

Saturday I was voted to be the Provincial Liberal Candidate for Haldimand-Norfolk. Thank you for your trust. It is a privilege to be the candidate for H-H. Thank you to @Kathryn_McGarry for being our special guest. It was an honour to have you attend this meeting.


HALDIMAND COUNTY—Dan Matten, a business owner and farmer from Hagersville, was nominated this afternoon as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Haldimand–Norfolk. 

Our riding needs a strong, vocal advocate at Queen’s Park, and someone who works in a collaborative manner here at home to build up our communities,” said Matten. “I want to focus on ensuring a strong local economy, to focus on ensuring high-quality local health care, particularly for seniors, and ensuring we offer excellent education and free tuition to students who need a fair shot at success.”

These five main local needs — economic growth, health care and seniors, students and rural issues — fit in well with the Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to ensure a growing economy creates fairness and opportunity. Our plan reduces taxes for small businesses and we are also giving some 1.5 million workers a raise. Our Liberal plan provides for thousands of knew long-term care beds. We will deliver free prescription medications for children and youth. Free tuition is helping 210,000 students access college and university; this is so important to our future, to our children. We need excellent local schools that support our children and inspire them to realise their dreams,” Matten said.

I will be an MPP who focuses on working together to ensure our riding is attractive for young people, to ensure business can thrive, farmers and rural folks have access to broadband internet and natural gas, and seniors can enjoy their retirement. I am running to be a strong, vocal advocate for local needs, for local economic growth, for local seniors and local students,” Matten concluded. 

Dan Matten is a small-business owner and farmer in Haldimand County. He has enjoyed a career in business, working in management roles with green energy, shipping, inventory and airline companies, having earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in business management in Germany. He and his wife, Barb, and their two teen children live on their farm in Hagersville. A musician and member of his church, Matten is also a member of the Hagersville Chamber of Commerce and his local Lions’ Club. 

Patrick Brown, Toby Barrett and the Conservatives would cut over $12 billion from essential services that people depend on like health care and education. Under the leadership of Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario Liberal Party has a plan to deliver opportunity and fairness for everyone. While Ontario has a balanced budget and growing economy, not everyone is feeling that growth yet. That’s why we are working to deliver a fairer, better Ontario through free tuition for 210,000 students, free prescription drug coverage for children and youth, 100,000 affordable child-care spaces, and a $15-an-hour minimum wage. 


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