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Premier Kathleen Wynne and Dan Matten at the Blue Elephant in Simcoe, ON

Friday afternoon, April 6th, 2018, Premier Kathleen Wynne came for a visit to Haldimand-Norfolk. She met and talked to the crowd that had gathered at the restaurant and artisan brewery, the Blue Elephant in Simcoe. She talked about helping people and the fact that she is fighting for the people and their needs through programs like OHIP+ for all under 25 -with the additional coverage for all 65+, investing 822 million in hospital services like 14,000 more surgical and medical procedures, 26,000 more MRI hours, 74,000 more systematic treatments like chemotherapy,  the creation of 30,000 long-term beds over the next 10 years – of which  5,000 will be created by 2022, extra help for seniors , free tuition for over 220,000 students, the new Ontario Drug and Dental program that reimburses up to 80% of the cost for  people who are not insured,

Premier Kathleen Wynne visiting candidate Dan Matten at the Blue Elephant in Simcoe, ON.

investing some 19 billion in hospitals over 10 years, and many more programs. All this is to create fairness and opportunity in Ontario.

Afterwards, the Premier toured the brewery and learned about the uniqueness of this small business from owner Heather Pond.  Thank you Premier Wynne for visiting and acknowledging our unique and rural riding of Haldimand-Norfolk

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