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Important Highlights of the Liberal Platform

  • This is the Ontario Liberal Platform — our plan for care and opportunity
  • The Ontario Liberal platform is the only comprehensive, fully costed plan offered by any party — it will support a fairer, better and more affordable Ontario
  • Our plan builds on our government’s strong record – creating one million new jobs, achieving the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 20 years and overseeing the most ambitious program of investments in hospitals, schools, highways, subways and transit in decades
  • The Ontario Liberal platform will continue to build up Ontario with vital priorities, including:
    • Expanded OHIP to cover the costs of prescription medicines for all seniors and all those aged 25 or under
    • Free tuition for college and universities for more middle-class families
    • Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour as of January 1, 2019
    • Free child care for all preschoolers
  • And we will legislate our commitment to debt reductionby directing any annual financial performance that exceeds our budgetary projections directly to the province’s debt.

  • For example, over the past number of years, thanks to cautious budgeting we have exceeded our targets by an average of $2.7 billion a year. Under law, that over-performance would now be directed to the debt
  • Doug Ford has yet to present a platform of any kind – while piling up unfunded promises and un-costed cuts that amount to $45 billion
  • The NDP had to be yanked and rewritten at least once – and has been riddled with errors, omissions and job-killing taxes
  • Only Ontario’s Liberals have a plan to keep building up Ontario

Read the complete platform here.